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New Release

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New Release

The Glass is Refillable
Your Inner Dialog Can Change Your Life! (2023)

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December 2023

The most important words you will ever hear are the words you say to yourself. This book will help you understand self-talk, teach you to mold your inner dialog, and guide you in your journey to becoming your best self.


Using an eclectic approach, and a  hybrid version of Albert Ellis's ABC Model, a common tool used in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, you will gain a deeper understanding of how thoughts create emotions and how controlling your thoughts can make a  significant impact on your health, wealth, and happiness.  For maximum impact, use in conjunction with “Journey into You, the step-by-step accompanying workbook and you will have a guided tour of unraveling your own world view.


You have always had the power to overcome depression, anxiety, addiction, phobias, and so much more; now you have a guide to help you unlock the power of your inner dialog!

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Memories are Forever
ISBN: 9798874363352 

Liam the Lamb is experiencing sadness and grief after the loss of his parents. He moves to the zoo to live with his grandparents and finds a grand adventure awaiting him. Liam meets three new friends, Landon the Lion, Zoey the Zebra, and Olivia the Ostrich, and discovers that different is not always bad and memories are forever,


Note to Parents: This is book one of The Grand Adventures of Liam the Lamb, a book series addressing mental health issues for children. Each book contains a back section for parents with information and resources to assist you in helping your child deal with the mental health issue addressed in the book in a healthy manner. Book 1 is about grieving the loss of a loved one. 

This will be a 12 book series!

Book Series Shot.png
No Bundles at School Anxiety.png

               Book 2 - Anxiety

Liam the Lamb is feeling worried, and a bit scared, about his first day of school. He wishes summer would go on forever. With the help of his friends, Landon the Lion and Zoey the Zebra, he finds the perfect outfit for his first day. He also learns about his bundle of nerves and why he should just leave them at home. After all, bundles don't belong at school!

New Friends Rock - Cover (1).jpg

               Book 4 - Jealousy

Liam the Lamb is excited when Zoohaven School announces a talent show. He and his friends put together a rock band to compete in the show. They hold try-outs for a lead singer and Liam the Lamb is hoping they will choose him. When they choose someone else, Liam the Lamb is green with envy. Can he overcome his jealousy? Find out!

The Purple Pepper Eater Cover (1).jpg

             Book 6 - Empathy

There is a new student at Zoohaven School and Liam the Lamb thinks he is pretty cool! The new student, Barry the Beaver, shakes things up on the playground and in the lunch room. When Barry the Beaver eats a purple pepper, will all the kids learn a lesson? Find out!

A Ghost at the Zoo - Fear - Cover.png

               Book 3 - Fear

Liam the Lamb is very excited to go trick-or-treating with his friends, but when Kira the Kangaroo declares there is a ghost in Zoohaven Zoo, Zoey the Zebra suggests they go investigate the eerie sounds. Can they overcome their fears and get down to the bottom of this mystery? Find out!

Who Stole the Peanut Cover .jpg

               Book 5 - Honor

Liam the Lamb plays for his school basketball team, the Zoohaven Eagles. He is so excited for the first basketball game of the season that he runs out the door that morning without eating breakfast. His hollow tummy leads him to do something that may cause him to lose his friends. Will Liam the Lamb do the honorable thing? Find out!

Copy of The Purple Pepper Eater Cover.jpg

          Book 7 - Helplessness

Liam the Lamb is excited about attending his first slumber party at Pete the Peacocks house. His friends Milton the Mouse, Liam the Lamb and Oscar the Otter will be there, too. During their night of grand adventures can the others help Oscar the Otter discover how independent he really is? Find out!

Coming Soon


I was so surprised at just how much information is available in this book! It really is a must have for grandparents raising their grandchildren. Thank you for sharing your journey. 

Jana G.

Praise & Reviews

It helps me knowing that I am not alone in my situation. This book is like a light at the end of a dark tunnel. I thank you and my granddaughter thanks you for making the road a little easier to travel.

Sandra B.

My wife and I feel so much more prepared for the path ahead of us after reading this book. There were a lot of things we had not through of. The resources are great and we feel so much better equipped to raise our grandson.

James P.


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About T.J. Finn. M.Ed.

T.J. and her husband Mike are re-nesters. They live in beautiful, historic, Bastrop, Texas with their  grandson, Liam. 

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